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Reporting as a Service – the next generation client and fund reporting solution. Providing scale, flexibility, user control and future proofing your client reporting

A cloud-based solution available out of the box, with on-boarding measured in weeks, producing perfect reports to your precise design, layout and branding, in volume and any language on time - every time

Reporting as a Service is a complete end-to-end client reporting solution. It is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for security, scale and resilliance. The system benefits from dynamic templates that automatically flex based on the client or fund, and other data to produce exactly the required reports, in any language. The integrated commentary management process means that reports are further personalised to your clients. The best-practice workflows ensure that only complete and accurate reports are produced, and the automated distribution means that the completed reports are despatched to the correct recipients as soon as the reports are approved.

On-boarding to Reporting as a Service is measured in weeks, just enough time for our technical team to configure our powerful data loaders to import and validate your data and to configure the templates to exactly match your content, layout and branding, and finally to configure the automated report distribution process. The entire reporting process is controlled and managed by your business users, using simple and straight-forward dashboards. All reports are supported by a complete audit trail of every step in the production process.

Like all great solutions, Reporting as a Service is simple to understand and use. Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

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Reports are configured to your precise design, layout and branding. The dynamic templates automatically flex to produce highly personalised reports at scale. The automated workflows bring volume and capacity to the reporting team. The "content aware" reports automatically re-render for changes in data, content or commentary without any manual intervention. The integrated commentary management solution allows for the simple collection of written commentary and integration into the report. The full audit trail ensures that every step for every report is captured and recorded.


Reporting as a Service is a proven solution, available out of the box and configured to your precise requirements in weeks, not months or years. Your reporting team have full control over the entire end to end process, from data ingestion and data validation, through report scheduling, production, report review, approval and the automated distribution of reports - all supported by simple to operate dashboards and automated workflows. The pay per use model means that firms of all sizes and reporting volumes can benefit from this world-class reporting solution. The efficiency of the solution set up delivers improved reports to your clients more quickly and the efficiency and accuracy of the system thereafter provides top quality reports to your clients and provides additional capacity within the reporting team for client servicing and other value-added activities.

Manual processes that restrict the business become a thing of the past with Reporting as a Service.


Reporting as a Service is targetted to investment firms, including wealth and asset managers, single and multi-family offices and asset servicers. Many firms with older systems or processes struggle with reporting scale, personalisation of reports, multi language outputs and the inclusion of commentary. Many older less flexible systems struggle to produce reports for individual family members, as well as groups and an overall view of the entire portfolio of all assets. All these elements of reporting are available out of the box with Reporting as a Service.

Key Data

Year launched
Implementation Methods
  • Hosted (public cloud)
  • Website access
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices

Reporting as a Service

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