Solution introduction

High quality, compliant documentation generated quickly and efficiently

Reduce costs and free up resources to build your business

Optimise your practice
On average it takes 6.3 hours to complete just one SOA. Imagine what else you could be doing with that time for your clients and your business.

Padua's Outsourced Paraplanning delivers rapid, compliant advice generation at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams. Free your resources and scale your practice faster.

Technology driven advice generation
Padua's ROMA Online Advice Request System guides you through the paraplanning process - from the initial SOA request, through strategy review and due diligence, to final documentation review - all the while giving you on-demand reports on overall process performance. Our fail-safe process protects you and your clients by ensuring every SOA is thoroughly researched and compliant.

An extension of your team
Padua is Australian-owned and all your client’s data remains onshore. Padua's locally qualified paraplanners are the best trained in the industry. They think of themselves as part of your business - and are motivated everyday to help you get the best outcomes for your clients.

Unlike managing your paraplanning needs in-house - you can quickly scale to suit your growing business requirements without the need to recruit and train new staff.

Optimise your practice
Padua Paraplanning grows with your business. By outsourcing to Padua you can scale up or scale down your requirements, yet still access high quality paraplanners (as many as you need) who help you deliver quality, efficient outcomes for your clients every time.

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