Solution introduction

Investment operating platforms for wealth and asset managers

We integrate the best financial technology and services to create efficient and engaging investment operating platforms for family offices, wealth and asset managers.

Our platforms provide our clients with the capabilities they need to operate most efficiently by:

  • Selecting and integrating the best technology and services
  • Delivered through a single, cloud-based, customisable portal


The capabilities our platforms provide our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Client onboarding
  • Client relationship management
  • Portfolio construction and management
  • Performance analysis
  • Risk and exposure analysis
  • Trade execution and order management
  • Consolidated client reporting
  • Distribution
  • And more. 

Our platforms are flexible and tailored to the needs of our clients.

We achieve this by taking a modular, open-architecture approach to our designs. As such, we use different ‘tools’ or ‘building blocks’ dependent on our clients’ needs; what systems they already have in place; their ambition for the future.

We are not restricted to working with our own technology, but select from the best in the market, which we then integrate to provide a unified client experience.

Our solutions may focus on building an entirely new platform. Or, look to optimise their existing stack of capabilities through augmentation with new ‘tools’, or proper configuration and integration of existing tech.

Our process:

  • Discovery: We work with our clients to properly understand their businesses, their intent for the future and their technology requirements.
  • Design: We identify, select and design the correct mix of technological tools and services best suited to meet their needs.
  • Build & integrate: We integrate the new and existing technologies into data-centric systems that are greater than the sum of their parts. We configure these technologies to serve the interest of the business and the end client.
  • Run: We manage and take responsibility for the technological requirements and performance of our clients' systems on their behalf as their outsourced CTO.


Our strength lies in selecting the right building blocks – both technology and outsourced services - for the client’s needs and integrating them to work together seamlessly to provide platforms that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Our platforms provide the following core benefits:

  • Efficiency and scalability: automated processes, easy access to correct data sources, quicker decision making, ability to handle increased clients without increasing headcount.
  • Improved end user experience. Accurate, interactive, multi-channel reporting. Digitally enabled client interaction, security.
  • Tailored. We are not restricted to the one-size-fits-all approach of proprietary technology or service providers. We choose the capabilities provided by market leading firms dependent on client requirements.
  • Intelligence. Our clients can focus on their competitive advantage. We remove the need for them to possess extensive in-house technical and operational capability and capacity.
  • Flexible. We provide flexible platforms into which additional capabilities can be integrated or removed dependent on the changing needs of our clients.
  • Accuracy of data. Our platforms focus on the correct collection, management and exploitation of data. We get the data right, so the business and the end-user receive the best possible experiences through the tools we provide them.
  • Automated. We remove the need for expensive, high-risk manual activity.
  • Secure. Data security, regulatory compliance. 


Wealth and asset managers. Single and multi-family offices.

Key Data

Year launched
  • Bespoke
  • Licence
  • Subscription (SaaS)
Implementation Methods
  • On-premise
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors
Client Regional Presence

Operating Platforms

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