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Discretionary investment management for the 21st century

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Launched in 2010, PortfolioMetrix was designed and developed to challenge the old order of investment services available to financial advisers and their clients. PortfolioMetrix provides world class investment management with world class technology. Partnering with PortfolioMetrix frees up time, allowing advisers to focus on the bigger business picture and take the pressure off worrying about investment management and administration, performance and reporting. PortfolioMetrix specialises in asset allocation, fund selection and rebalancing all of which contribute towards the PortfolioMetrix Alpha (higher expected returns for investors).

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as the technology affords deeper client analysis, de-risks your business and enables you to increase productivity. The role of the adviser is enhanced, not diminished because we work directly with our adviser partners, but don’t need to meet their clients. Ultimately though, the real measure of a successful partnership is delivering better investor outcomes. How do we do this? We hope this website answers that question so please take a look around and then get in touch to find out more.

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Client suitability tools (willingness & ability to take risk) A portfolio construction approach that avoids shoe-horning clients into model portfolios Practice efficiency tools such as white-labelled proposal and review documents Execution and client reporting ...

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