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Digital Banking: Why is it becoming so important to financial organisations?

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by Profile Software
| 15/09/2022 13:01:53

As Digital Transformation has become imperative for traditional banks and financial institutions, over the last few years, incumbent banks and traditional banking institutions operating as highly physical, find themselves cemented into heavy legacy systems - failing to grasp the gravity of a complete digital makeover.

The rise of the FinTech world
Over thirty years ago, people were talking about technology transformation in banking. Today, everyone is talking about digital transformation in finance. The discussions are the same, but the timing is different. Why is digital transformation so important today when, thirty years ago, it could have been ignored?

The main change is that the internet will be far more advanced than in 1992. In fact, major changes occurred in the late 2000s with the introduction of cloud computing and the smartphone. These two technologies created the imperative to switch from physical distribution in stores and branches to digital distribution through software and servers. It created the opportunity to build multi-billion-dollar organisations with trillion-dollar valuations, whilst those wedded to the main street withered on the vine.

But how to achieve true digital transformation when you were born, and still are, highly physical?

Actions needed to achieve digital transformation in Banking

Research in collaboration with leading banks around the world shows that there are over forty key things that stand out in four major phases. These phases are:

  1. Working out WHAT to do
  2. Working out HOW to do it
  3. Doing it
  4. Doing it better forever

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