Solution introduction

We want to help you deliver your projects and make your life easier, from getting the projects up and running to getting them over the line. Whether it is a new project, an existing project that needs additional support, or a project audit, we can support you

Delivering a project or programme, or multiple projects, has lots of challenges. It might be that your corporate environment is continually changing, or maybe there are cultural challenges in implementing new things, or maybe there is just too much to do and not enough time (or people) to do it. We can help with all of that.

Experience & expertise
Our experience in the sector is completely focused on all aspects of project management. That covers the basics such as scoping, planning, risk management, and governance, but more importantly it covers those things that, in our opinion, really make project management challenging – managing people, navigating the culture, juggling priorities, creating momentum, and working with internal and external stakeholders.

Our role is to bring the expertise to manage all of that together within the project management team. And to do it in a way that works for you and fits seamlessly in to your organisation.

Tailored for you
Every organisation is different; every culture is different; every project is different. Our job is to tailor projects and programme in a way that is right for you. The way we do that is simple:

  • Listen: the more we can understand about your organisation and culture by listening to you, the better we can be at helping.
  • Advise: based on the information you give us and the experience we have, we will suggest evidence-based options that meet your needs.
  • Support: we can provide support that suits you, whether on-site or at the end of the telephone (or both). We aim to be available to support at your convenience.
  • Deliver: our project & programme managers, business analysts and subject matter experts can help with all or part of your project delivery. Delivery is our favourite bit.

The right people
It goes without saying that having the right people is critical. For us, that means we need to have the project skills and experience, but also the subject matter expertise in both the type of business and the type of project so that we can add value.

To do that, we use a mixture of permanent staff and non-permanent Associates (specialist individuals) to ensure that we can provide knowledge and experience required. The Associates that we use are hand-picked by us and we do not recruit on the open market.

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