Solution introduction

Our expertise covers governance, investment process and operations enabling us to provide a holistic, pragmatic and implementable advice to institutional investors

Mission and objectives
Define the institution’s investment mission and investment objectives to guide all investment decision making, providing clarity and consistency

  • We work with asset owners to articulate and document a mission statement for the institution by engaging with key stakeholders, referencing examples from similar investors.
  • We then assist with communicating the mission across the organisation.
  • We help investors define clear and concise investment objectives, which are crucial to defining their investment strategy and ensuring it is in line with the investment mission

Investment governance
Establish an investment governance framework to help enhance the investment activities the institution carries out

  • We help investors define strong investment beliefs that are aligned with their mission and investment objectives, are supported across the organisation and help drive all investment decision-making.
  • We work with asset owners to draft their Investment Policy Statement (IPS), governance documentation and investment policies, as well as procedures manuals to support specific elements of the investment process.
  • We help investors design an investment operating model that is fit-for-purpose in today’s increasingly competitive world.
  • We help investors determine which investment activities should be outsourced and which can be managed internally.
  • We work with institutional investors to ensure they have the right investment professionals in the right roles, with clear responsibilities and are rewarded appropriately.
  • We design performance monitoring frameworks made up of bespoke KPIs to align the activities of an investment organisation with its objectives and mission.

Investment process – strategy, implementation and reporting
Determine the institution’s investment process for maximum efficiency

  • We review an asset owner’s investment process towards strategic and dynamic asset allocation, and by asset class.
  • We work with asset owners to support and supplement their economic and asset class research.
  • We work with institutional investors to review their asset allocation to ensure it meets their investment objectives, including return and risk appetite, and to make improvements where necessary.
  • We work with asset owners to implement their investment strategy in the most efficient and cost effective way.
  • We help asset owners select third party investment managers for specific mandates to implement their asset allocation, in part or in full.
  • We assist asset owners in structuring the documentation needed to monitor their investments, and report to the various stakeholders within the organisation (e.g. the Board, Investment Committee).

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