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Build investment strategies with conviction

Help investment professionals create, customise and manage more robust investment solutions

Our CIO solution empowers Chief Investment Officers (CIOs), Portfolio Managers (PMs), and analysts with powerful tools to streamline portfolio construction processes. Users can effortlessly build, compare, test, share, and run numerous "what-if" scenarios, ensuring informed decision-making and optimised investment strategies.

As the demand for customization and uniqueness in portfolio construction grows, the process is approaching the level of complexity seen in direct indexing, necessitating technological support.

Quantifeed's CIO solution addresses this challenge head-on, enabling companies to
easily construct customised portfolios tailored to track specific benchmarks or indices.


Rapid Construction
Build, backtest, and optimise personalised strategies in seconds. Deliver customercentric investment solutions while exploring, developing, and deploying new ideas easily.

Dynamic Visualisation
Visualise and present insightful data to your stakeholders in near real-time. Key portfolio metrics come to life on our dynamic and interactive dashboards.

Effortless Integration
Layer our technology across existing IT stacks and data sources. Manage all portfolios centrally and boost implementation cycles.


Unlock new opportunities
Combine human expertise with timely, machine-driven insights to make better decisions. Understand client vision, build towards their goals, and unlock new possibilities for the future.

Simplify the complex
Design and backtest strategies faster. Optimise portfolio construction using the latest data for any asset type with tools that personalise investment strategies.

Future-proof solutions
Put the power of real-time data visualisation, tailored investment strategy tools, and a low-code toolkit at your fingertips. Help individuals and institutions build the future of their dreams.

Key Data

Implementation Methods
  • On-premise or hosted
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors
Client Regional Presence

CIO Solution

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