Solution introduction

Decumulation planning

This comprehensive and unique tool provides Cashflow Modelling, Drawdown Analysis, and Stress Tests in one streamlined package

New cashflow modelling

  • Input household income and expenditure for the given age ranges of the client and their partner.
  • Comprehensive stress testing to determine capacity for loss:
    • Market Event Simulation – prepopulated or create your own.
    • Randomiser – user-selected minimum and maximum growth rates

Drawdown & annuity analysis

  • At retirement drawdown versus annuity cash flow analysis.
  • Build up to 3 decumulation strategies to maintain an income until the target age, using Office for National Statistics (ONS) Life Expectancy Tables or a chosen age.
  • Include Type A and Type B critical yields.
  • Standard or advanced annuity quotes from Assureweb.
  • Income analysis table with the option to include a State Pension forecast.
  • Drawdown to Drawdown Transfer tool also included.

Income modelling feature

  • Includes State Pension, bonds, collectives, ISAs and other guaranteed income sources and assets.
  • Allows different specified growth rates to be applied to different assets.
  • Gives a comprehensive and flexible shortfall analysis
  • Demonstrates income returns over time

This tool includes critical yields, the ability to build and maintain fund portfolios, compare existing fund performance vs new fund performance, and filter by features & financial strength.

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