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Fighting climate change is one of the most important goals on the global political agenda, with social and governance factors also being hot topics. This has instigated a global shift in the financial sector towards sustainable investment strategies, and the choice for future-oriented investors is expected to keep on growing. One of the major challenges surrounding ESG investments (ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance) is sourcing reliable, consistent and comparable ESG data.

Whether you want to simplify your disclosure requirements to comply with the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, enhance your investment process for sustainable investments with specialized alternatively sourced ESG data provided through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning or you are looking for sustainable benchmarks, SIX is your reliable partner to cover your high-quality ESG Data needs.

SIX provides clients with the high-quality ESG data they need to better serve their clients through sustainably orientated investment offerings. SIX provides a wide range of sustainable services, including ESG Regulatory Data, alternatively sourced ESG Performance Data and ESG Indices.

Examining ESG performance data - an interview with Orenda Software Solutions – a SIX company

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ESG Data from SIX

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ESG Regulatory Data
SIX supports clients in achieving regulatory compliance by sourcing and providing high-quality ESG regulatory data sets to enable them to easily comply with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the EU Taxonomy.

  • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) - While it is mandatory for manufacturers of financial products and investment firms to disclose relevant ESG factors, issuers of equity and debt instruments (‘investee companies’) are not obligated to do so under SFDR, resulting in missing data, lack of granularity and having to source ESG data from a wide range of providers and issuers. SIX sources the required data and maps it to the respective companies as well as to the underlying ISINs (if appropriate), while also leveraging already existing regulatory offerings and our well known high quality reference data. 

  • Taxonomy Regulation (TR) - As part of the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, the EU Taxonomy Regulation aims to define and standardize criteria for identifying companies’ sustainable activities, requiring financial institutions in the EU to disclose specific sustainability metrics of their economic activities. SIX provides a new, high-quality EU Taxonomy data set that includes information from large and listed companies and manufacturers of financial products, so that you can accomplish your regulatory disclosure obligations with ease.

ESG Performance Data
SIX helps clients drive decisions with data by providing real-time delivery of ESG scores and insights into a company’s reputation based on social media feeds analysis from within a company’s stakeholder and shareholder community.

SIX leverages the AI-powered platform from Orenda, a SIX company, to quantify the community voice to provide insight into a company’s reputation and measure the sustainability and social impact of an investment.

ESG Indices
Institutional investors are increasingly looking for sustainable investment opportunities. This is why SIX has established solid, sustainable and independent benchmarks for the Swiss bond and equity market as well as ESG Indices for the Nordics.

  • ESG Equities Indices – Based on the Swiss Performance Index (SPI), the new SPI ESG Indices enable investments in Swiss equities of sustainably operating companies.

    • SPI ESG Total Return – Consists of SPI components that have a rating of at least a C+ on as scale of A+ to D- and less <5%  total turnover in controversial sectors; based on ESG ratings from Inrate and weighted according to free-float market capitalization

    • SPI ESG Weighted Price – Weights the components exclusively according to free-float market capitalizations with additional under-or overweighting according to ESG rating from Inrate

    • SPI ESG Select – Measures development of and actively controls component weights of Swiss equities based on ESG Rating from Inrate to reduce cluster risks

  • ESG Bond Indices – Based on the Swiss Bond Index, the SBI ESG Index will significantly simplify sustainable investing in the Swiss bond market


ESG Regulatory Data

  • SFDR compliance
  • Taxonomy Regulation compliance
  • Proven Regulatory Data competence
  • Reliable data source
  • Time efficiency frees up internal resources

ESG Performance Data

  • Data-driven sustainable investment decisions
  • Access to inclusive and transparent ESG performance data – past, current and projected
  • Real-Time, AI-powered social media feeds analysis
  • Quantified community voice

ESG Indices

  • Efficient instrument for rapid assessment of the Swiss capital market
  • Independent and transparent ESG score calculations
  • Trusted ESG indices with a high level of market acceptance
  • Standardized, measurable & well-founded sustainability profile for ESG indices
  • Weighted and score-based ESG Performance Indices for the Swiss Equities Market
  • Strong partner

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ESG Data

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