Solution introduction

Our specialists operate an integrated InCore full banking solution with an application portfolio that comprehensively meets the requirements of the private banking sector

InCore operates an InCore full banking solution for its client banks in the form of a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, optimized for private banks with BPO services

These modular solutions can be added and expanded dynamically according to the client bank’s needs. We constantly update the solution to reflect the latest technical and market requirements and take care of managing these highly complex IT systems.

The constant wave of change through the banking sector in general and private banking/wealth management in particular requires ongoing adjustments to be made to systems and processes in order to satisfy client needs and regulatory requirements. Our close relationships with the client bank gives us first-hand knowledge of market demands. Furthermore, thanks to our software vendor independence, InCore is able to add innovative functionality to its InCore full banking solution at all times.

As the largest private banking hub based on the Finnova platform, we can achieve the biggest scale effects in procurement, operation and maintenance of the system. Our InCore full banking solution is completely isolated, supported by the Finnova multi-tenant capability. Each client bank is set up as an independent tenant, using the applications it needs to satisfy its business model. Any other client-specific solutions can be deployed and implemented at any time for you by our application experts.  

The InCore full banking solution covers all of the major banking processes. It is fully multi-tenant capable using the Finnova multi-tenant capability and normally comprises the following components:

  • Core Banking System (Finnova) including PMS Tool, eBanking, Mobile Banking
  • Digital processes for client onboarding, MiFID-compliant advisory
  • Specialist additional solutions for CRM, MIS, reporting and bank management, etc.
  • Comprehensive interfaces for exchanges and brokers, messaging, payment transactions and much more.

This highly automated solution allows you to achieve very high STP rates in your transaction processing. We provide your advisers with modern tools to support their day-to-day dealings with clients.

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