Solution introduction

Gain greater access to portfolio data sources, additional instrument coverage and automated downloads upon data availability

A single source for data

Advent Portfolio Data extends our ability to deliver the account-level data you depend on for reconciliation and other workflows, with greater access to portfolio data sources, including global custodians and counterparties.

Save time gaining access to additional instrument coverage and access automated downloads, whenever data is available. Please note, this does not replace Advent Custodial Data.

We partner with other industry leaders to help advance technology standards and give you access to a wider range of resources. Learn more about custodial and prime broker partners.

Why choose this solution

  • Detailed account and transaction level information
  • Asset verification for regulatory compliance
  • 24/7 global connectivity
  • A growing network of data sources worldwide
  • Robust data security infrastructure using industry best practices
  • Monitor/alert infrastructure with dashboard status views
  • Technical and legal framework to manage permissioning, collection, and normalization of data
  • Data centers in the US and Europe
  • Consolidation and normalization of portfolio data for reconciliation
  • Sources available from: custodians and counterparties, prime brokers, margin and finance, fund administrators, clearing brokers and proprietary systems

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