Solution introduction

Ensure everyone in your firm is on the same platform — and the same page

With our integrated portfolio and client management solution

Simplify portfolio accounting and reporting
In a complex and competitive investment landscape, you need to be on top of your game. The right technology can stack the odds in your favor. Enter Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX): the world’s first integrated client relationship management and portfolio management solution. Part of the powerful Advent Invesment Suite, APX connects your entire enterprise - front, middle, and back offices - on a single platform.

Simplify operations with a centralized, scalable platform for all your portfolio, relationship, and prospect data.

Why choose this solution

  • Vast library of standard reports automated report packaging
  • Flexible custom reporting
  • Multi-currency, multi-asset class coverage
  • Performance analytics
  • Composite management support for GIPS compliance
  • Fully integrated front-to-back suite
  • Highly scalable
  • Customized delivery (deployed locally or cloud-delivered with or without outsourcing services)

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