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Summitas was founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in online banking, wealth management, information services, Internet media, and distributed computing

Summitas is an award-winning engagement platform serving family offices, wealth advisors, and other client-facing businesses. Since 2007, Summitas has delivered secure, feature-rich, and branded portals with over 25 solution-specific apps. Our clients use Summitas Platform® to exchange confidential information, store sensitive documents, and automate key business processes such as client on-boarding and statement delivery.

Clients subscribe to Summitas Platform® to exchange confidential information, store sensitive documents, share ideas, and improve processes and workflows. All portal activities occur within the platform's secure enclave facilitated by standards-based security regimens, including end-to-end encryption and encryption at rest. After assessing Summitas, one security-aware client said, "We found no faults."

Summitas Engage® is our people. Customer Success helps clients achieve measurable results and ROI by leveraging the platform's full capabilities. Engineering develops reusable connectors to other systems to gather all pertinent client information for our Digital Vault, Financial Dashboard, and other apps. The result is a single pane of glass through which all digital data is accessible.

Summitas portals are mission-critical for our clients. One large RIA said it best, "There is no way we could do what we need to do, were it not for Summitas."

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Change the dynamics between you and your clients Now you can deliver a virtual office with anytime, anywhere access from all mobile and computing devices. Ensure privacy, share and protect vital information, and create a focal point for family and office communication through an array of customizable modules that lead to......

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