Solution introduction

Fun and effective security training for developers

Train your development team before you become headline news

Adversary is a hands-on training platform where you assume the role of the hacker in real-world scenarios. Adversary reduces your security risk by keeping your developers up-to-date with the latest threats and attacks, enabling your developers to defend against them.

For the developers

Interactive security training
Challenge yourself with real-world hacking scenarios in a game-like environment, complete with guides, hint-systems, and scoreboards.

Understanding offense is the key to better defense
Adversary lets you understand how code breaks, how hackers mount exploits, and how attacks can be prevented. Assuming the role of the attacker develops your security mindset.

People learn best when they are having fun
Our exercises are entertaining and challenging while being informative and realistic. We continually release new exercises that address current security issues, including all OWASP top 10-2017 application security risks to help you stay compliant.

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