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If you are breached, ensure that you have the resources available to properly limit the damage to the company

In the darkest hours, we have trusted security experts to help you put out the fires and recover from a serious security breach

What is Incident Response?
Incident response is the set of actions taken once an adverse event has occurred that affects a company’s assets or its network. It is extremely important to react correctly when a security incident occurs to control the damages and preserve the evidence and traceability.

When a breach occurs, whether it be in the limelight of the media or not, a situation of emergency and a state of chaos erupts that demands the appropriate professional response. That response should entail a combination of the proper professional methodology, knowledge, and experience to limit the potential damage to companies from a wide range of elements.

Syndis offers a service whereby we guarantee availability of capable staff to manage a security incident for our customers and help ensure that the process exists to mitigate risks and properly train both senior management and technical staff against an inevitable incident.

How does it work?
Syndis can assist companies in creating incident response plans, centered on a policy which defines what constitutes an incident and provides a step-by-step process to follow in case an incident occurs. Syndis personnel can be brought on-site and help manage a situation in a controlled manner, a crucial attitude to limit damages.

Breaches may occur from external malicious parties and are usually done with the express intent of financial gain, theft of sensitive material or simply to cause damage. Such incidents can also occur from within the company IT environment, either from insiders or someone who has gained access to a company’s internal network. Whatever the specifics of any breach, they create an emergency situation which necessitate an ability to address important questions quickly, communicate accurate information about the breach in a timely manner with confidence, and to reduce the time taken to thoroughly investigate the breach. 

Why is it relevant?
Breaches can be devastating to a company’s profile, finances and competitiveness. It is paramount that such situations are handled in a way that limits the damage and reduces recovery time and cost. An incident response process helps mitigate the risk posed by the incident. On-site assistance can help companies preserve the evidence needed to determine root causes of an incident.

It is important to consider the tremendous potential impact of a security scenario where external attackers steal customer data, intellectual property, or other sensitive information. Sometimes these data are even released to the public, a trend that has been increasing at an alarming rate over the years. Compounding matters further, an improperly managed incident can result in direct financial costs to companies, as well as have a potentially irreversible and catastrophic impact on the company image.

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