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Monitor employee security awareness while increasing their confidence in how to deal with suspicious activities

Monitor employee security awareness while boosting confidence in reacting to suspicious activities

What is Phishing & Awareness Training?
Over 90% of all cyber-attacks and consequent data breaches begin with a phishing email, according to a recent Trend Micro study. We provide our customers with visibility into the security awareness of their employees, giving the opportunity to improve the organization’s resilience towards phishing attacks, targeted malware and other email-based threats. Our phishing service gathers data periodically to enable our customers to analyse trends and measure progress over time with our high-quality reporting.

How does it work?
Phishing is a paradoxically asymmetric attack: it is simple to mount but difficult to continuously defend against. Syndis approaches the challenge by first testing the behavior of the employees to establish a baseline, and then following up with security awareness training based on the results. We provide key metrics to determine how the company is performing currently and how it compares against other Icelandic organizations.

Why is it relevant?
We have high confidence in the effectiveness of our approach for several reasons. First, the data we use for the security awareness training is based on data gathered from your own employees, meaning that the information is less abstract and immediately relevant to them, and the knowledge and understanding gained will persist for longer.

Second, we give the management the right metrics to assess and set goals with regards to the cybersecurity training, and provide an overview and status on how the company is performing compared to other Icelandic industries.

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