Solution introduction

When you need independent experts with no ties to 3rd party vendors to advise you on information security

Get expert opinion before making big decisions

What are our consulting services?
Perhaps you don't need a full-on security assessment, penetration test, or in-depth technical security work. Syndis's team of security expert have in depth industry experience that can we utilise to help companies with their internal review and design processes.

How does it work?
It all depends on the situation and what people feel they need an opinion or sage advice about but whatever the issue if there is an information security element to it then our experts probably have an opinion about it. 

Why is it relevant?
Having trusted partners available to provide independent advice and sanity check while making significant decisions or investments can help companies from making the wrong decisions or figuring out what the best course of action is in any given situation with regards to security.

Whether it about the development process, risk assessments, evaluating systems we feel we can identify concerns or issues to ensure maximum ROI. 

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