Solution introduction

Ensure effective protection by using Syndis as your dedicated security team, monitoring the most critical aspects of information security

We are your eyes. We are your ears. We are your first line of defense. We are your security team

What is Managed Security Services?
Managed security service is the day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout a network. This includes, and not limited to, unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks, denial of service (DoS), anomalies, and trend analysis. 

Companies are investing in expensive systems to monitor network activity, vulnerability assessment and trying to get the infrastructure to an acceptable security posture. After installation, the systems need to be constantly monitored and updated frequently, require specially trained personnel to detect when an incident occurs and react appropriately to return the value of the investment. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The monitoring systems usually are handed over to the already overloaded IT department and become an extra responsibility of system or network administrators.

How does it work?
Syndis MSS is designed with modular and scalable approach to meet the needs of customers of any size. Any combination of modules, listed below, can be in the service level agreement. With the Syndis MSS approach, even small companies can readily maintain a similar security posture as larger companies without investment in expensive equipment and knowledge.

Why is it relevant?
By outsourcing security monitoring to Syndis MSS, customers get a team of experts to monitor their networks and to identify vulnerabilities before they become a concern. The approach is cost-effective, complementing existing staff with dedicated and specially trained security professionals.

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