Solution introduction

Avaloq core bank system

Introducing Avaloq as a new core bank application significantly increases a bank’s efficiency, among other things. Before it can reap the benefits, a challenging project must be implemented throughout the bank. The project’s purpose is to adapt Avaloq and familiarize the bank with the new conditions (often changes in the structure, organization, and processes). We are the right partner to support you with projects in this area.

In our experience, there are four key factors involved for clients wishing to introduce Avaloq quickly and with an acceptable level of risk:

The Avaloq standard is not simply a reference and starting point for rollout projects, it can also be used early on for demonstrations and training. Our extensive experience enables us at Synpulse to focus on long-term cost-benefit optimization. Helping clients to industrialize their processes with BPO and Avaloq has been one of our core competencies for many years. 

Top-down approach
In order to quickly determine the overall impact of introducing Avaloq on the organization, it is important that employees at all levels are involved early on. BANKINABOX® – a highly standardized process model based on Avaloq – makes this possible. The style of communication used in the project from the outset is pertinent to business.

Systematic process
The experience of the implementation partner and the methodology behind the rollout project go a long way to determining the success of the project. SPEEDmethod® has been developed by Synpulse and already implemented in more than 250 cases, providing optimal support to Avaloq projects in a series of pre-defined stages.

Cooperation and support
The introduction of Avaloq is a joint endeavor between experienced bank representatives and Synpulse specialists, who are there to support the bank at every stage of the project. That is why the members of our team possess not only technical skills but also all-important specialist knowledge and management expertise.

Synpulse is an Avaloq Premium Implementation Partner, which means that we are official partners for large-scale and complex projects.

Consistently focusing on the success factors presents the bank with a unique mix of benefits: planning and investment security through our SPEEDmethod® for project implementation and the BANKINABOX® process model, and sustainable and optimized processes through the input of our experienced team.

Synpulse has over ten years of experience as a trusted partner for the efficient and successful implementation of Avaloq projects.

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