Solution introduction

Operational efficiency should always be a topic: optimize processes, avoid media ruptures, correctly apply the available tools and systems. Are your operations efficient? How frequently do you check the relevant key performance indicators (KPI)? We offer our expertise in front-, mid- and back-office operations to achieve your operational efficiency.

With hundreds of projects delivered at the interface of banking business and IT, we have the expertise and knowledge to make your company more profitable. The following areas give you an impression of successfully delivered projects:

  • BANKINABOX® is a productized standard process model for banks. We have the standard processes for two widely used core banking systems (Avaloq, Temenos and Finnova) in variants with and without business process outsourcing (BPO). The process models help to keep standard software implementation lean and with less customizations and also with a very short analysis phase.
  • Kaizen is a bottom-up approach to gather and implement the input from all hierarchy levels on potential improvements in a series of well-structured workshops.
  • Operational intelligence is a method to get the relevant key performance indicators to deliver accurate and frequent data on your operational efficiency. Unlike business intelligence (BI) that might deliver the data on a monthly basis, we aim to provide daily or even near real-time updates.

After some changes in the business or after the introduction of a new system, operational efficiency is not at its best. We offer our expertise in process optimization and operational intelligence to improve your operational efficiency.

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