Solution introduction

Advanced risk-rated model portfolios

We combined a team of technology and financial experts that work to meet and exceed our client’s expectations

Model Portfolio Service (MPS) provide risk-rated portfolios, controlled by a powerful and complex investment methodology.

Performance-based information on investment assets is widely available
We provide quant-based research to support businesses get more time with their clients. Our goal is to share our expertise, consistency in the investment process, and a market advantage based on data analytics.

Why: After the global financial crisis, new customer segments and participation of new players financial firms saw a need for additional help in building data-centric portfolios that more closely aligned to internal data (Risk profile of their clients and external data). 

Taking into account 4 pillars:

  • Create a holistic financial planning and automate all investment management tasks
  • Enhance performance and guide the investor on a lifetime investment journey 
  • Take control of the relationship as we take care of the investment management process
  • Ensure full compliance and better investment recommendations

How: By partnering with TechRules to handle your investment management needs, we can help to face the complexity of financial markets and clients’ need for analysis, and find the most optimal way to standardise investment solutions and free up time, allowing you to focus on the bigger business picture, building relationships with your customers and taking the pressure off worrying about investment management, performance and reporting.

What: Our Model Portfolio Services is a range of risk rated portfolios, which benefit from the same robust and disciplined investment processes that you can expect from TechRules that combines easy-integration and exceptional outcome in just one place.

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