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ti&m Digital Onboarding

Be ready whenever your users are.  Create a frictionless, user-centric onboarding experience.  Accessible any time of day with instant verification thanks to our AI-driven onboarding and identification solution.  

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by ti&m
| 01/01/2020 12:00:00

AI is once again on our doorsteps, younger, stronger and more vibrant than ever after having gone through two “AI winters” already in the last 50 years

Alexa, Siri and friends are a fixture of many a living room, and we are treated to daily analyses and speculations about when the machines are going to take over the world. Using ti&m special AI, we classify the potential of the technology and enable a more objective view. We wish you inspiring reading!

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ti&m has been synonymous with digital innovation in Switzerland for 15 years. In this relatively short period, ti&m has emerged as one of the biggest IT companies in the country. This has been possible thanks to our motivated employees, our partnership with our loyal clients, and above all thanks to our values – agility, the courage to innovate, a passion for what we do, and a little something we call Swissness. This issue takes a look back over the last 15 years at ti&m and gives a sneak preview of what’s in store for the years to come.

You can also read stimulating contributions from our clients on the success of their digitalization journey. Transformation often comes down to culture, and as an integral element of culture, IT must be taken into account in change processes. This is the only way to develop innovations that ensure business sustainability in the market over the long term. Find your inspiration here – and stay safe!

"The foundation for our growth lies in our strengths: a wealth of ideas, agility, technical excellence, and entrepreneurial flair, coupled with ‘Swissness’ and sustainability." Thomas Wüst - CEO ti&m