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VISION helps you to provide customised investment solutions

VISION lets you design, test and implement a wide variety of customised investment portfolios and advisory processes in a highly automated fashion. This helps you become more efficient and allows you to implement a more scalable operating model

Our Vision
At Tindeco we believe that we can create a new world where:

  • Automation helps you become more efficient and able to focus on creating value for your clients
  • Your clients benefit from customised investment solutions that truly meet their needs

What We Do
We offer our Tindeco VISION investment management platform to support you in delivering the highest quality solutions to your clients.

VISION is the first comprehensive solution to design, test and implement customised, rules-based investment solutions.

VISION is comprised of the VISION CORE and the VISION Investments suites. They are fully integrated with each other and are based on scalable cloud technology to provide you with power, flexibility and automation.

VISION CORE provides portfolio, risk, order and client relationship management modules. It is an intelligent platform and has a fully integrated architecture with centralised monitoring functions, which have access to all relevant information at all times.

VISION Investments is a revolutionary suite of modules designed that enable you to offer customised investment solutions in an efficient manner.

Tindeco Financial Services Solutions

VISION CORE Technologies

Leading you to the future of asset management Based upon a single data repository, Vision offers portfolio management, risk management and order management as well as all the administrative, audit and compliance functions required in a sophisticated asset management company, bank or family office. Engineered from the ground up to cover a......

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