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Bringing global marketplaces together through electronic trading innovation

As a leading builder and operator of electronic marketplaces, Tradeweb offers institutional, wholesale and retail market participants unparalleled liquidity, advanced technology and a broad range of data solutions that deliver better price discovery, order execution and trade workflows. Tradeweb Markets Inc. is a publicly-traded company listed on the Nasdaq.

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With a rich history of fintech innovation in fixed income and derivatives markets, and a rapidly expanding equity business, our clients consistently benefit from better price discovery, order execution, and trade workflows.

More than 2,500 clients connect to Tradeweb to form a global network of the world’s largest banks, asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, wealth managers and retail clients. With leading offerings in government bonds, mortgage securities, municipal bonds, credit and derivatives, we offer over 40 products in more than 65 countries across the globe.  

On average, we facilitated more than $780 billion in notional value per day over the past four fiscal quarters.

Tradeweb Solutions

Tradeweb direct: Retail and middle markets

Tailored trade solutions Tradeweb Direct is one of the largest fixed income marketplaces in the U.S. for financial advisors, RIAs, traders and buy-side investors with leading offerings in Municipal Bonds, U.S. Corporate Bonds and Certificates of Deposits (CDs). Driven by years of experience and partnership with clients, our systems are engineered with......

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Tradeweb: Institutional market

Unrivaled access to deep liquidity & advanced technology Institutional investors around the world rely on Tradeweb for direct access to deep liquidity, pre-trade price intelligence, flexible protocols and post-trade analysis to enhance their trade execution strategy and drive increased performance.  Real-time pre-trade pricing from over 50 leading liquidity providers Innovative trading protocols tailored for each marketplace Streamlined......

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