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Get Under the Dome!

Looking for a real cybersecurity solution that is safe, reliable and fast? Discover the future under the Dome!

How secure is your confidential information in the open internet?
Server scanning, SQL injection, exploits and many other cyber-attacks are a sad reality for most companies today. Traditional solutions have only partially solved this problem, and then, only briefly. Given the open nature of the public internet, hackers always return to thwart your "new and improved" controls.

It is time to go "under the Dome"!
cleverDome provides a community driven solution that protects confidential consumer information by taking that information "under the Dome", i.e. secure and off the open internet.

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The cleverDome Solution is based on a revolutionary new structure which works as the "Dome". In a traditional network data jumps between edges and public internet servers. But under the Dome, data goes through a specially configured cloud directly to the destination point using real military grade cyber security. It’s a new......

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