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Our mission at Everplans is to help families be ready for anything

Everplans is a life and legacy planning company dedicated to transforming the way people get their families organized - from providing content helping people through the tough questions to the service that organizes and helps users securely share everything from wills and insurance policies to your pet's needs and even favorite family recipes. Everplans Professional is used by financial professionals across the country who want to take multigenerational planning to the next level.

Everplans was founded in 2011 by Adam Seifer and Abby Schneiderman, entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people and a proven track record of creating successful online communities.

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20 West 20th Street New York, New York 10011, United States

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Everplans Solutions

Everplans Professional

Everplans Professional: a co-branded life planning tool for you and your clients Everplans Professional: a collaborative Life and Legacy planning platform that enables financial advisors, estate attorneys, and other professionals to deepen client relationships and forge new ones with the next generation of clients. Featuring flexible pricing and robust functionality, we......

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