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Flexible portfolio reporting

Your investment management and reporting process is unique — but not easy — and cobbling together pieces from off-the-shelf solutions just doesn't cut it. We offer a modular platform that we can configure precisely to your needs. So you get one solution that fits your needs — it does what you want, the way you want it to — and simplifies your life.

Where we came from
Our roots are in the investment consulting world. Investment Metrics began as the in-house MIS group of a major investment consulting firm. So we grew up solving most of the everyday problems you face today — all while being mindful of the constraints of budgets and resources.

We became an independent entity in 2010. Since then, we've been offering those solutions to the rest of the investment management world. We never stopped listening to our users for ways we can improve their workflows and maximize their efficiencies.

We don't just simply recognize the fact that every client is unique — we celebrate it. And our solutions are best utilized when we work together with our clients to find the right fit.

That's why when asked what we do, we like to reply: what do you need done?

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Investment Metrics Solutions

IM Data Feeds

Expertly collected and managed. Straight from the source. Firm and product data collected directly from asset managers. Regularly monitored. Tracked and curated by our database experts....

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InterSec Research™

Take manager due diligence one step beyond ex-post analysis. Our independent research service provides an insider's perspective that can help support your manager research effort through a combination of data analysis and interaction with key professionals driving investment decisions worldwide. The InterSec Research approach begins with a deep understanding of global,......

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A vigorous analytical engine is at the heart of InvestWorks. Isolate investment products. Analyze their performance. Track their stylistic integrity. Deconstruct them to expose their composition, asset-class sensitivities, and style drift. Critically evaluate them for numerous risk factors. Robust comparative tools are woven into the very fabric of InvestWorks. Compare investment......

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Investment reporting doesn’t need to be complicated. The typical pattern of investment reporting involves many steps and applications which makes the process time consuming, expensive and inefficient to manage. Streamline the process with the PARis performance analysis and information reporting system. Simply the best product on the market for institutional performance reporting......

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Power of PARis + expertise of Investment Metrics. Portfolio reporting with a one-two punch ...... in three easy steps....

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