Solution introduction

Increasing AUM from existing clients is key to revenue growth. Forge emotionally connected relationships with clients that are long-lasting and profitable with Manage

With Manage advisors can create emotionally connected client relationships by offering timely and relevant advice that ensures every client’s investment goals are met

By automating routine client service tasks and re-using data throughout the client lifecycle, client requests are handled quickly and efficiently avoiding duplication, excessive paperwork and unnecessary delays. Relationship managers use time previously spent on administration to focus on delivering consistent, high quality service and making every client interaction timely, appealing and relevant.

Client data and sentiment is continuously monitored and analysed, alerting relationship managers to next best recommendations that align closely with the investment goals of each individual client. Clients enjoy a deeper, more empathetic and satisfying level of service, which increases loyalty and AUM.

Regular reviews are automatically scheduled and conducted in an efficient and frictionless manner. All event-driven compliance checks are automatically triggered, completed and executed, soon as they arise, reducing the burden of regulatory compliance for both clients and staff.

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