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Ideas and opportunity, every day

Wealthmonitor identifies potential HNW individuals before they come into wealth, giving professionals who target this community a vital competitive edge. The journalist-based prospecting tool provides subscribers with proprietary intelligence to propel their business development initiatives

We connect businesses with the HNW community
Invaluable for generating new business and networking opportunities, Wealthmonitor identifies the people who could benefit from wealth-creating liquidity events.

It is recognized as the ideal first port of call for organizations serving the HNW community. Subscribers value Wealthmonitor’s proprietary HNW intelligence for both prospecting and networking. They use the service to find new HNW clients and to understand their existing client base in greater depth.

The team at Wealthmonitor comprises financial journalists and analysts with considerable experience in wealth management, corporate finance, and investment banking.

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Client Marketing & Prospecting, Market Analysis, Understanding & Sizing


Wealthmonitor identifies potential high net worth individuals before they come into wealth, giving professionals who target this community a vital competitive edge. The journalist-based prospecting tool provides subscribers with proprietary......

Business Overview

Wealthmonitor identifies new wealth creation. Designed for professionals who work with the HNW community, it tracks liquidity events such as M&A and IPOs to identify the shareholders, beneficiaries and entrepreneurs who will benefit from them.


This unique proprietary intelligence gives businesses in the HNW space a vital competitive edge:

  • Private banks: Build relationships before an individual comes into wealth, and pinpoint potential clients with precision
  • Wealth managers: Identify HNW prospects with precision, speed and depth
  • Asset managers: Find the insights and individual details to help build personalized relationships
  • Stockbrokers: Create and explore new business leads
  • Luxury brands: Expand and maintain marketing databases
  • Family offices: Explore and develop new business opportunities


  • We are partnered with WealthBriefing.
  • We have also partnered with Private Wealth Management Summit, a premium forum bringing leaders from America’s leading single and multi-family offices and service providers together, as well as Global Private Banking Conference.

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  • Private Client Investment Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Universal bank wealth manager
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  • Asia
  • Western Europe
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Early stage wealth creation Early stage proprietary intelligence into the strategic intentions of private and public companies and the beneficiaries Identify beneficiaries Detailed in-depth profiles triggered by potential and current liquidity events on shareholders, executives and their holdings Develop client relationships Spot networking opportunities with HNW individuals and advisors Research the market in depth Deep-dive research Find opportunities......

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