Solution introduction

Compliance answer in only 3 clicks!

inApp is providing relationship managers with a cross-border compliance answer in 3 clicks!

inApp makes cross-border seamless

Managing complex situations at your fingertips
Through its unique rule processing, inApp is solving complex situations as easily as simple cases.

Anywhere, anytime
inApp is available from the cloud (indigita Swiss-based cloud or client internal cloud) on any device (phone, tablet, computer).

Headquarters Location

Geneva, Switzerland


Main Telephone

+41 22 552 3080

Main Email Address


Managing complex situations at your fingertips

Through its unique Rule Processing, inApp Premium is solving complex cases as easily as simple ones. 
Multiple account members, multiple participants from multiple locations, meetings in a third country… inApp has an answer to any kind of situation.



Ready to use
No installation is required. You simply connect through your mobile phone or your desktop.

Immediate answer
With 3 clicks you immediately get the answer to your questions.

Verify your activities
You instantly know whether or not you are allowed to perform an activity in a specific situation.

Recommend only suitable products
You can filter through your product recommended list, showing only products suitable for your client’s profile.

Key Data

Year launched
  • Subscription
Implementation Methods
  • Cloud-hosted
Type of Clients
  • Local Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
  • Private Client Investment Manager
  • External Asset Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
  • View Others View Less
Client Regional Presence
  • Western Europe


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