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Highlighting 26 fundraising deals in and around wealth management from the first six months of 2018

Fundraising deals between January and June 2018

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Fitting with our overall aim of delivering dedicated knowledge and support resources around the business of needs of the wealth management sector, our monthly Wealth & Tech Newsletter looks at a broad range of the latest wealth management technology-related developments from across the wealth management sector and then consolidates them...

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 18/09/2018 08:26:29

Every month in our Wealth & Tech newsletter, we highlight a range of the latest technology-related developments in and around the wealth management sector from across the world. In this piece, we highlight 26 fundraising deals for a range of different firms across Asia, Europe and North America from the first 6 months of 2018.

From these deals, the solution providers currently included in our marketplace (each name has a hyperlink through to their business profile on our site) are Advicefront, Agreement Express, Chalice Wealth Partners, DriveWealth, Quantifeed, SentieoSigFig, SmartAssetStratiFiWealthsimple and WeInvest.

Those relevant firms in the list but not yet in our database will be added soon. 

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