Solution introduction

360 Office, part of the award winning 360 Lifecycle software suite, is culminated from 15 years of focused development and refinement to provide holistic solutions to the financial services sector

360 Office addresses many of the challenges faced by financial intermediaries creating tools that allow principals, managers and administrators to support their forward facing activities and managed their back office operations. These include…

Performance monitoring where opportunities, written and completed business can be reliably tracked and monitored through a series of views on an individual, team or organisation basis. The ability to assign KPIs identifies strengths and weaknesses in operations as well as shortfalls in specific business areas and sectors.

Campaign Manager allows a variety of direct marketing materials to be generated and transmitted, such as email and SMS Text, or through traditional means such as mail. With a host of inbuilt templates and the ability to create bespoke templates, Campaign Manager gives you the ability to easily engage with your client base through a variety of channels.

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