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Using technology to engage with clients: The view from additiv (part 2) - their solution offering

Q&A with Silvan Schriber, Head of Corporate Development at additiv and Christine Schmid, Head of Strategy at additiv

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additiv KickStarter

KickStarter allows your organization to get ahead of the sweeping changes facing the wealth management industry. It is available for multiple additiv solutions including its market-leading Hybrid Wealth Manager, and it combines three components. Each is compelling, but together they become a game changer. CA user experience platform. Allows wealth managers to launch...

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by additiv
| 24/06/2020 13:49:25

What solutions do additiv offer the market and how do you help wealth management firms meet the increasing needs of their clients?

2.1. Overview
additiv KickStarter is available for multiple additiv solutions including its market-leading Hybrid Wealth Manager, thereby combining three components. Each is compelling, but together they become a game changer.

A user experience platform. This allows wealth managers to launch new digital channels and functionality extremely quickly – across multiple platforms. It also allows wealth managers to embed their services into thirdparty channels. In addition, for advisor-client interaction, it has highly differentiating features such as secure cobrowsing, texting, live chats and videoconferencing which bring in-person intimacy into the online world while remaining fully compliant with regulation.

An orchestration platform. KickStarter is underpinned by our award-winning DFS system of intelligence that allows for personalization at scale. It conducts the analytics to create individual portfolios, exactly matched to that individual’s context and risk profile, and constantly optimized for changing market conditions. The same analytics serves up the right advice and recommendations to customers at the right time and over the right channel to maximize engagement and value-add. And lastly, it is micro-services based, allowing the organisation to adapt to changing customer needs to launch new services extremely quickly.

Free, rapid and risk-free deployment. Deployment of the KickStarter solutions takes 3 months or less. It is optimized to multiple use cases, such as hybrid wealth management and robo advisory. It is risk-free in that the solution can be turned off at any time without penalties. Essentially, if it doesn’t create value for your business, you can stop it. And the best part: the deployment is free.

The KickStarter package is also optimized for wealth managers seeking to reach a broader demographic of customers, some of 1.8 billion people with investable assets but no access to professional advice. The out-of-box functionality covers preconfigured, end-to-end customer journeys, from onboarding to risk profiling to funding to proposal to e-signatories, and supports a wide range of asset classes, not just ETFs. The solution also boasts best-in-class engagement tools, such as simulations, dashboards, alerts and secure instant messaging.

2.2. Benefits
The way wealth managers generate customer success, and the nature of that success, will never be the same again. Digital-era wealth management is inclusive, personalized and advised at scale, sourced from an ecosystem of providers, delivered online or seamlessly embedded in other channels, and goes beyond safety and discretion to deliver massive and compounding value-add by helping customers to make smarter financial and commercial decisions.

additiv’s Hybrid Wealth Manager solution is offering the best possible experience whether self-service, in person, or a hybrid of the two. The self-service Client Cockpit offers users a data-rich, interactive view of the positions and performance; engagement tools, such as content, to generate new ideas; and one-click consent management for the proposals made by relationship managers.

When the clients wish to interact remotely with the relationship manager, there are fully integrated secure chat, videoconferencing and co-browsing features in the Client Cockpit which give a highly immersive experience. The Mobile Advisor is well suited for physical and virtual meetings. It has workflows and simulations optimized for in person interaction, as well as access to full client history and the ability to generate instant proposals.

For the advisor working on their own, additiv offers the Workbench, which is chock full of productivity-enhancing CRM and workflow tools to optimize their performance.

2.3. Deployment and future developments
KickStarter gives the ability to enhance client servicing, offering rich, seamless digital interaction whether self-service or advisor-assisted, to source insights and services from a curated ecosystem of third parties, and to drive down operating costs. It is a winning offering that combines the highest levels of back office automation with the richest customer interaction and community-generated value-add.

Forget managing implementations, forget software
KickStarter is a SaaS solution. Whether used for a new business line or to support the existing business, we’ll have you up and running in three months. After that, we keep your running costs to a minimum because we profit from cost-effective cloud or hybrid cloud environment. And we also remove all the burdens that come with running your own systems. With KickStarter, there’s no more software to manage and deploy and no more upgrades.

No regrets, only rewards
With over 20 years of customer trust, we know the importance of offering the right solution at the right time. KickStarter is new. Developed at an unprecedented time, it is already being adopted by clients who realise the importance of acting through the cycle and who want to act quickly to capitalize on its aftermath. Enterprise-ready, integration-ready, cloud-ready. With minimal risk and maximum reward. A solution designed to enable wealth managers to weather the storm and thrive.

A time for leadership
The temptation in any crisis is to defer action. To pause and reflect. However, this crisis calls for a different kind of leadership. While it’s not a financial crisis in name, its effects will likely be bigger and more widespread than the last financial crisis of 2008/2009. It calls for immediate action if wealth managers’ businesses are to prosper post-pandemic. It may not sit easy to be kicking off new projects during a crisis, but now is the time to enhance the business model to underwrite your future competitive advantage. With no implementation costs for the project, followed by materially and sustainably lower IT and operating costs and the best digital client experience, we’ve made the decision easy for any wealth management provider.

KickStarter is a risk-free call on doing the right thing.

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