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additiv enables wealth managers to get ahead of the coronavirus crisis

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by additiv
| 16/04/2020 12:00:00

  • additiv launches KickStarter, a rapid implementation option for its digital engagement and orchestration solution, enabling wealth managers to get ahead of sweeping changes facing the industry
  • KickStarter enables highly immersive customer experience, whether self-service or advisor assisted, at the same time as reducing operating costs and opening up sourcing options
  • Ready now, additiv implements KickStarter in 3 months, with no upfront costs

ZURICH, 16th April 2020: additiv, a leading SaaS provider to the wealth management industry, today launches an industry first: a rapid, risk-free route to digital wealth management.

The KickStarter solution comes at a time when the industry needs it most. Digitization has been gradually impacting the wealth management industry, but as a result of the current pandemic, the speed of change has suddenly accelerated. Customers are demanding the best possible digital experience at the same time as the industry needs to reduce costs.

However, until now, this kind of transformation was not possible without a lengthy IT project. With KickStarter, which offers fast implementation options for many of additiv’s solutions including its market-leading Hybrid Wealth Manager, clients can expect to be live in three months.

Combining additiv’s DFS System of Intelligence with its User Experience Platform, Kickstarter transforms operating, servicing and sourcing models. It offers highly immersive omnichannel customer experience, whether self-service or advisor-assisted - which is always fully compliant with regulation. In addition, it provides sophisticated analytics to personalize every user interaction and to create individualized, always optimized, portfolios. And, lastly, by streamlining and automating back-office processes, it enables wealth managers to cut costs.

Kickstarter is also designed to help wealth managers reach a broader demographic of customers. As opposed to the 43 million people who have a professional advisor, there are 1.8 billion people with more than $10,000 in investable assets who could be advised if wealth managers could reach them over the right channel and at the right price point. This is what Kickstarter can do with pre-configured user journeys and apps for mobile-only service.

Michael Stemmle, CEO of additiv said “With Covid-19, the gradual digitization of the wealth management industry just became sudden. Customer demands are changing at the same time as cost pressures are intensifying. For most wealth managers, this is creating an impossible balancing act. But this is why we have launched Kickstarter, to resolve this seemingly irresolvable challenge. It has all of the capabilities wealth managers need to digitally upgrade their business model and put themselves in a position to prosper in the post-pandemic world.”

Stephen Wall, Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic said “The Financial Crisis in 2008/09 saw a decline in investable assets, lowering revenues, pain on the bottom line and, in general, set the industry on a path towards greater client focus and responsiveness. With Covid-19, the impact is likely to be worse and requires an even greater and faster set of responses. This will not be business as usual. Cost pressures are intensifying, invested wealth will decline, clients (already fearful) will become more demanding still, but margins are already lower than in the run up to the financial crisis. Financial service providers must respond quickly but with budgets frozen and teams working remotely this is a real challenge. Flexible and modern solution providers like additiv, with their new KickStarter package, are well-placed to come to the rescue.”