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Allianz Suisse uses additiv’s SaaS platform to launch ETF based investment solution ELVIA eInvest

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by additiv
| 24/10/2017 08:57:05

additiv implements new asset management offering (Robo Advisory) for Allianz Suisse – based on the additiv DFS SaaS platform. The digital end-to-end solution enables an attractive range of products and fully automated operation.

Under the ELVIA eInvest brand, Allianz Suisse is launching a new type of digital asset manager. The Robo-Advisor solution is based on the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) version of the proven additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS). In addition, additiv was also be able to offer its know-how in the field of digitalization of financial service providers in an advisory capacity. The project was realized in close cooperation with experts from Allianz and Saxo Bank, which was integrated as a custodian bank.

With ELVIA eInvest, professional asset management starts at CHF 5,000 or more
The ELVIA eInvest offer is designed for private investors who live in Switzerland and wish to invest with a sustainable yield advantage. Clients use invest to determine their investment amount, investment objective and evaluate their personal risk profile. Based on the investment strategy identified from this, ELVIA eInvest invests in ETFs as an independent asset manager. Since the identification takes place in a few minutes via video identification and the contract documents can be signed with an electronic signature, the opening of accounts and securities accounts is simple and fully automated. At ELVIA eInvest, these digitization advantages are consistently passed on to customers so that they can benefit from the most attractive conditions.

Klaus Thaler, Managing Director of ELVIA eInvest, says: »ELVIA eInvest, the fully digitized offer, is a departure into the future. We focus on the customer’s need for simple and cost-effective investment opportunities.«

A Robo-Advisory solution based on the additiv DFS SaaS platform is the ideal solution for future-oriented banks and financial institutions to quickly and cost-effectively open up and support new customer segments.

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