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Sparbatze launches fully digital pension offering with partners Zuger Kantonalbank, additiv and Qcentris

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| 10/09/2020 12:00:00

Sparbatze, the new digital pension Swiss FinTech, today announces the launch of their fully digital pension services, enabled through collaboration with three other industry partners in banking and technology: Zuger Kantonalbank, additiv and Qcentris.

Zuger Kantonalbank will act as custodian and further strengthen their digital proposition by providing fund accounts for external asset managers.

Sparbatze’s digital pension services will allow clients to increase their retirement funds, simply and easily, anytime, anywhere, by utilizing additiv’s DFS System of Intelligence, a cloud-native orchestration engine that enables the rapid and cost-effective launch of smart, engaging and highly personalized wealth services.

The range of pension focused services enables customers to access all services in just four easy application steps without the need to book a financial advisor, including 3a retirement savings and free savings products. However, a personal touch is maintained with strong educational support and advice available anytime to support customers. In addition, a fully digital onboarding and account opening process is incorporated which brings all involved parties along the journey, ensuring an optimum level of customer service. Beyond the Sparbatze platform, additional free services include investment and legal pensions advice.

Oliver Steeg, Co-founder of Sparbatze, highlighted the unique ease of the new product range: “In these unstable times, preparing for the future has never been more important. With our new, fully digital pension and investment services, our customers are empowered to take control of their financial plans easily and conveniently. Just select the right investment themes with a few clicks, and you can invest in simple and transparent investment products and steer your pension savings according to your individual needs. We believe in time this type of savings product will be the norm and are delighted to introduce this new approach at a time when this is very much needed.”

Adrian Andermatt, Executive Board Member at Zuger Kantonalbank, states: “Like Zuger Kantonalbank, Sparbatze is focused on offering the best service to its clients. This cooperation provides a perfect base to strengthen our digital proposition.”

Michael Stemmle, CEO and founder of additiv, adds: “Financial planning solutions are at the heart of our offering and what society needs to bridge the looming pension gaps in the Western world. We are delighted that our orchestration engine, DFS System of Intelligence, is enabling the delivery of convenient and intelligent savings and investment products that will lead to customers benefiting from greater transparency in retirement.”

Elmo Ninier, Group Chief Digital Officer at Qcentris, comments: “As an implementation partner, we are proud to have supported Sparbatze with their seamless digital onboarding and account opening process and the relevant interfaces such as to Finnova."