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additiv KickStarter

KickStarter allows your organization to get ahead of the sweeping changes facing the wealth management industry. It is available for multiple additiv solutions including its market-leading Hybrid Wealth Manager, and it combines three components. Each is compelling, but together they become a game changer. CA user experience platform. Allows wealth managers to launch...

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by additiv
| 01/05/2020 12:00:00

See below to access a solution overview for additiv's new KickStarter solution, a rapid implementation option for its digital engagement and orchestration solution, enabling wealth managers to get ahead of sweeping changes facing the industry.

KickStarter enables highly immersive customer experience, whether self-service or advisor assisted, at the same time as reducing operating costs and opening up sourcing options. 

Ready now, additiv implements KickStarter in 3 months, with no upfront costs

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