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additiv removes virtual borders using FastTrack for Azure

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additiv Hybrid Wealth Manager

additiv Hybrid Wealth is a omni-channel, advisor-led, out-of-the-box, fully integrated wealth management suite that is based on the additiv DFS Wealth Platform. It drives omni-channel client experience and servicing. This orchestration suite is designed for the creation and operation of digital offerings, including services and products with various business models for...

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additiv KickStarter

KickStarter allows your organization to get ahead of the sweeping changes facing the wealth management industry. It is available for multiple additiv solutions including its market-leading Hybrid Wealth Manager, and it combines three components. Each is compelling, but together they become a game changer. CA user experience platform. Allows wealth managers to launch...

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by additiv
| 25/08/2020 12:00:00

As a provider of cloud-native solutions to the financial services industry, we operate at the highest standards of security and compliance. In this video, Guy Levy and Silvan Schriber explain how we achieve that, enabled by the strategic partnership we have with Microsoft Azure ™, and how the FastTrack for Azure team helped additiv remove virtual borders in a rapid and cost-efficient way.