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additiv: Five questions on technology trends in the wealth management sector

Interview with Michael Stemmle, CEO, additiv

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by additiv
| 08/03/2019 13:36:13

We interviewed Michael Stemmle, CEO of Zurich, Switzerland-headquartered digital platform provider, additiv. In this video, Michael talked to us about the main technology trends he sees in and around the wealth management sector, including:

- What he sees as the leading technology trends now in the wealth management industry
- Where he sees the wealth management sector in its engagement with these trends
- What lessons he believes the industry needs to learn to better respond to these new trends 
- What he sees as the main benefits for firms that engage with new technologies and ways of doing business
- Whether he sees these technology trends and developments as relevant to just the biggest firms or can smaller players also participate

Thank you again to Michael for his time and insights and for his colleagues for their support in organising.
More insights to follow soon.....
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