Solution introduction

We are the technology providers to the asset management industry

Design new indices faster

Speed Up Your R&D
Simply select universe, filters, data sources and parameters for a new index. Then generate backtesting, factsheet and analytics on the fly.

Perform R&D through a point & click interface or a Python interface. Test and optimize index ideas.

Use Your Own Data
The platform is connected to your data sources. You know your data better than anyone.

Avoid discrepancies between backtesting and production.

Monetize your data sources (e.g. ESG data) and index methodologies.

Create a community by sharing your results between co-workers and clients

Share Backtests and Factsheets
Generate backtests and factsheets on-demand to discuss or market your latest index idea.

Share Models
Replace long email chains and spreadsheets by the share functionality of the platform. Share models with read-only or write access.

Discuss on the spot potential improvement, implement and test.

Testing models has never been more efficient.

Manage Your Library of Index Models
Once the model is finalised and approved, freeze it. Then your community can use it, ensuring compliance and minimizing errors.

Boost your distribution and services

A New Digital Distribution Channel for Index Providers
White-labelled platform for your teams and clients.

Enlarge your client base.

Offer more services to your existing clients.

Extend Your Product Range
Clients can test modified versions of your standardized benchmarks (e.g. ESG overlay).

Alternatively, clients can build indices from scratch.

Support Your Clients
Your clients can now design index quickly with minimal sales and R&D support.

Increase index output and reduce backlogs

Increase Your R&D Output
Forget about the never-ending iterations with clients for every index change. Clients can now create, test and compare indices using your data sources and your index methodologies.

Make Life Easier For Your Clients
Most of your clients know what they are looking for. Provide them with the tool to test their ideas right now.

Reduce the backlog. Increase client satisfaction.

Scale Up Your Production
Only a digital business model allows index providers to scale significantly. Your organisation delivers more in less time with a platform.

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