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Private equity – Reporting beyond J-curves

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by Altoo
| 14/06/2023 15:00:00

Introducing our private equity reporting module
We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest feature: Private Equity reporting. Designed to equip you with a comprehensive set of tools and metrics to help you gain deeper insights into your investments and make better financial decisions.

All your private equity investments at a glance
Our new report provides you with a clear overview of your entire private equity portfolio. By default, the report lists all your active private equity investments at a glance, including relevant industry figures like distributions, paid-in capital or open commitments. In addition, the report is able to calculate cumulative TVPI and IRR performance for any set of your private equity assets. Now you can effortlessly filter investments by vintage, sub-asset class or custom tags, allowing you to analyze the cumulative performance of your direct investments in fintech with a specific vintage, for example.

For any filtered list of private equity items, a stacked time-series chart aggregates the relevant industry figures, showcasing how your investments have cumulatively evolved over time. Additionally, you can easily change the visualized metric from TVPI to RVPI, DPI or IRR.

Compare trajectories of your private equity investments
Using the same report you can now switch between cumulative and comparison views at any time to see how the investments within your selection compare against each other.

The comparison view overlays the performance trajectories of your investments over elapsed years (also known as J-Curves). You can compare the performance using both TVPI, which measures invested capital multiple, and IRR, which represents the time value of investments. Up to 8 investments can be simultaneously compared in the chart which is fully customizable so you decide which ones are visualized from your table of investments

Understand and manage your open commitments
The table below the chart provides an overview of all open commitments for each investment at any time. Simply click on the name to drill down to further explore each investment performance as well as any open commitments. This dedicated commitment overview for private equity assets lets you easily manage your capital commitments, including the flexible distribution of expected capital calls. Furthermore, clicking on any listed capital commitment will provide you with a summary of its open commitments at any time, highlighting both capital calls as well recallable distributions.

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