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Simplicity for complex wealth

Enabling wealthy individuals and their families to consolidate their entire worldwide assets and all relevant documents in a simple and intuitive way

The Altoo Wealth Platform empowers wealthy individuals and their families to consolidate and interact intuitively with their total wealth.

The solution goes beyond data aggregation and reporting. It is a secure digital home for total wealth, carefully designed to make daily use intuitive and help understand and manage the most important and complex aspects of wealth.

Do you struggle to keep track of your net worth and financial performance?


The Altoo wealth platform brings everything together in one place to provide you with clarity and 'simplicity for complex wealth...

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Introducing Strategic Asset Allocation


Business Overview

Founded in 2017, Swiss based wealth-tech company Altoo has developed a wealth aggregation software that has consistently been on a national and international road to success.

The software as a service platform was developed to enable users to save considerable time and effort in understanding and managing the most complex aspects of their global wealth. Altoo enables private wealthy individuals and their families to consolidate their entire worldwide assets and all relevant documents in a simple and intuitive way.

At Altoo, customer privacy is a top priority where trust and transparency are cornerstones of Altoo’s security systems which are a determining factor to win customers who look for simplicity but without compromise on security.

Successful client acquisition has enabled Altoo to expand its team, assisted by international growth with a client base now extending to over 20 different countries.

Altoo has impressively demonstrated how an innovative fintech company can grow in cooperation with traditional financial institutions by combining universal customer needs from their multiple banking and non-banking relationships.


Private Wealth Owners - to create an accurate overview of wealth and avoid manually combining data from various sources, thereby providing a reliable interface to total wealth - and designed to give peace of mind and trust for understanding the data in order to confidently make clear decisions from it.

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  • Asset Managers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • End Private Clients
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors

Altoo Solutions

Altoo For Private Wealth Owners

The Altoo Wealth Platform has been created from the ground up to alleviate problems and provide you with an intuitive interface to your total wealth. Designed to give you peace of mind that you trust and understand your data so that you can confidently make clear decisions from it. The platform......

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Multi Family Offices

Increasing volatile financial markets combined with increasing client expectations are challenges all Multi Family Offices face. The traditional model of regular reviews with clients about wealth and strategy is becoming outdated as new generations demand a more modern approach, more transparency and access to information anytime and from everywhere.  There are plenty......

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Single Family Offices

Always being on top of the family’s total wealth situation and underlying performances including fees paid and commissions takes a lot of resources. And this work is only the basis for all important and necessary strategic discussions and decisions that follow. The Altoo Wealth Platform can support you and your family office......

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