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by Altoo
| 27/02/2023 10:30:00

Benefits of property asset management software to simplify complex wealth
When part of your complex wealth portfolio is made up of real estate, it is essential to track your property value and performance in the same way as other assets. However, housing market fluctuations and costs related to property ownership can make it challenging to do this with a manual spreadsheet. This is where the benefits of property asset management software come into play, providing an accurate snapshot of your real estate portfolio.

Real estate asset management software draws current data from various sources to give complex wealth owners an easily digestible overview of their portfolios. While that is a significant benefit in itself, these are a few more reasons why it is wise to use property asset management software to manage real estate assets.

What are the benefits of using Altoo for property asset management?
1 – Make data-driven decisions

Real estate asset management software can show you property value vs its outgoing payments. Seeing the cost-benefit ratio makes it easy to figure out whether it is wise to keep the property or whether it might be better to offload it. Another way data can help with decision-making is by tracking the value of the property over time. This allows you and your financial management team to understand how likely the price is to appreciate or drop. Seeing the patterns like this helps you to decide when it is time to sell or whether it may be worth investing further.

2 – Easy access for multiple stakeholders
One of the key benefits of property asset management software like Altoo is that it is hosted securely on the Cloud, making it possible to log in and see your property price data anywhere in the world. The ability to register multiple logins makes it quick and easy to share asset-tracking and record-keeping data with property managers and real estate advisers. Best of all, you can restrict their access on the platform – so they only see what they need (e.g. certain properties and mortgage details) without access to your other investments. This makes meetings with property managers and advisers easier, as everyone can log into the Cloud-based software and have the data at their fingertips. No more shared screens or emailing extensive reports. And, because Altoo is operated and registered in Switzerland, it offers exceptional data security.

3 – Understand the property’s role within your full investment ecosystem
While dedicated platforms exist solely for property management, real estate asset management software is helpful if you want to consider its overall role in your net worth. For example, a platform like Altoo allows you to track every aspect of your portfolio. It shows all of your investments on one easy-to-use dashboard, with real estate listed beside passion investments like cars and fine wine, as well as bankable assets. This real estate asset management solution makes it easy to see whether it is time to diversify or if certain areas could benefit from further investment.

Want to explore why a property asset management system is important to help manage complex wealth?
It is helpful to see all of your real estate data in one place. If you have a real estate portfolio and other complex wealth to track, and would like to learn more about the benefits of property asset management software, apply for a demo account today. We will show you how Altoo can make your financial life more manageable.

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