Solution introduction

The "Azqore Premium" offer includes Azqore's core features: Front & Back Office tools and Accounting

Besides, Azqore offers optional IT services that allow Private Banks to meet high standards on the market in a given functional area, particularly through the integration of Fintechs into the Azqore Market Place

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Integrated Information System (S2i)
In an increasingly demanding environment, information system performance has become an issue of key importance. Our platform stands out because of it reliability, scope continuous evolution, productivity efficiency, as well as the pooling of investments and leveraging of cost savings.

When a private bank chooses to delegate the management of its banking operating system to us, it benefits from a high level of security and support. Whatever your size and your requirements, you will join the S2i with full confidence.

Business Process Outsourcing
Our Business Process Outsourcing solution enables us to manage all of your back office processes. The teams operate across two operational centres, in Switzerland (Lausanne) and Singapore. Together, they comprise of approximately 200 dedicated banking experts.

Digital products & services

e-Banking and m-Banking
Azqore offers innovative and intuitive user interfaces, carefully structured information and highly developed analytical functionalities. Azqore's e-Banking and m-Banking platforms enable your clients to view their assets and enter stock exchange and payment orders with complete security. These digital tools offer numerous customisation possibilities, allowing you to offer an interface that is perfectly in-sync with your brand universe. Azqore is interested not only in the requirements of wealth managers but also the requirements of their clients. This is where UX and UI expertise is more essential than ever to respond as accurately as possible to the specific requirements of private banking clients.

Digital Banking & Azqore Market Place
Azqore offers an attractive partnership based on the pooling of our Qore Banking System, backed by a leading digital ecosystem. Clients benefit in a fully integrated manner and according to their strategy, from a range of digital products and all innovative solutions implemented by the Azqore Market Place fintechs, alongside specific developments customised to the client’s requirements.

We share your challenges, as well as your issues. Azqore's Consulting Service provides you with access to cutting-edge expertise that will help you achieve your development goals.

Pooling is one of the key aspects of Azqore's offer. It enables each client to benefit from a complete platform at the best price. In addition to the functionalities and regulatory adaptations that can be shared, our teams are able to offer you customised solutions to adjust the S2i to your specific requirements.

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