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Business introduction

Cutting-edge technology in investment management with highly qualified team

Get the connectivity and capacity you need to drive your success and provide unparalleled customer satisfaction

Why BRITech?
Companies choose BRITech for its breadth of platform functionality, hands-on support team experience, industry-leading customer satisfaction, unparalleled configuration, and flexible deployment models.

Intuitive design that delivers transformations for business users

Increased Efficiency
BRITech empowers your team to do more with less: manage more funds and more portfolios with less data entry and reporting.

Ability to Scale
With our solution, customers have doubled or tripled their capacity and achieved aggressive business growth goals with streamlined solutions that minimize tedious, time-consuming and error-prone workloads.

Reduce the Risk
Leverage up-to-date market data, insightful analysis, and in-depth research reports to identify risks, exposure, and opportunities.

Increase Investor Satisfaction
Stay connected and keep your customers happy with smart reports that are always up to date and available.

Integrated Solutions
Fill in functional white space where needed, or replace a multi-package design with single-platform simplicity.

BRITech Solutions

BRITech Billing

Billing, for when the work is done and it is time for you to get paid for the great service you have provided. The billing module allows our clients to automate the performance fees, management fees and any other type of fees that their business might have. The system eliminates......

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CRM, where the user journey and the client experience really starts. The streamlined, advisor-centric CRM developed by BRITech supports digitally onboarding client data and easily acclimating their clients to the platform....

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BRITech Portal

Portal, the most popular segment of our platform, our Portal dashboard suite, is both the investor portal and client portal. This module lets our customers and their investor clients benefit from state-of-the-art presentation tools that allow you to visualize portfolio performance, risk management, and any other area of financial performance......

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BRITech Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management, which is a multi-asset class, multi-currency blend of tools that allows you create model portfolios, setup asset rules, asset allocation, and enables you to easily setup the investment side of your business and portfolios.  ...

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BRITech Risk Evaluation

Risk and Compliance, the solution to the pre- and the pos-trade compliance, creating the specific compliance checks and risk management checks against individual client portfolios or funds under management. These checks can be running continuously and allow you to stay compliant and demonstrate your compliance to regulators and auditors.  ...

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BRITech Trader Order Management

Trade Order Management, after you have setup your clients, your portfolios, and your checks, now you are ready to trade, and this tool integrates with all of the external data sources you need. Integrating with any provider, broker, or custodian, the platform lets you pull data in and out with error-free......

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