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Decision Science. Applied.

Improving commercial outcomes by helping people make better decisions

Who we are
We take a deliberately multi-disciplinary view of decision-making, combining behavioural economics with expertise in process and information design, quantitative modelling, behavioural analytics, and behavioural change.

Each member of our highly skilled team combines deep academic expertise in decision sciences with unrivalled industry experience in the delivery of applied behavioural economics insight to re-design business processes and create propositions, products and digital tools that deliver lasting impact. We are also able to draw on an extended network of interdisciplinary experts and partners as required for the specific needs of each client.

Centapse Solutions

Behavioural Data Analytics

Improving decisions requires understanding how we currently decide. Our expertise in quantitative analytics, survey and experimental design, and decision modelling can provide essential insight where your decisions are failing you....

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Behavioural Process Design

We reconfigure your processes element by element to improve decision quality, conduct, and outcomes in the light of how people actually make decisions. Better culture, by design....

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Decision Support Tools

Processes to enhance decision-making are most effective when digitised. We design decision support tools that aren’t just ‘robo’, but centaur: harnessing the combined power of humans and non-human systems....

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Proposition Development

We develop industry leading frameworks for all aspects of consumer finance, helping you understand and meet the unique financial and emotional needs of each client: behavioural profiling tools, suitability processes, goals-based investing solutions, information design, regulatory compliance, risk capacity modelling, etc....

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