Solution introduction

Navigate the cryptocurrency landscape and vet new opportunities

Chainalysis Kryptos provides in depth on-chain metrics of cryptocurrency businesses based on the industry's most trusted blockchain data

Browse Services
Chainalysis Kryptos is the industry's reference directory for cryptocurrency services' on-chain activity. Search over a rapidly-growing list of 6,500 services and monitor their activity over time.

Compile Service Profiles
Make informed decisions about the cryptocurrency businesses you work with. Utilize the most comprehensive dataset in the industry to understand the on-chain behavior of entities and compile service profiles.

Monitor a service's exposure
Quick insights into services exposure to risky entities such as ransomware, darknet markets, and high risk jurisdictions.

Benchmark with industry data
Understand how a service’s exposure to risky activity compares with similar services. Use the same data trusted by regulators and law enforcement to inform your due diligence processes.

Chainalysis Data
Kryptos is powered by Chainalysis data which we have been collecting and tagging from services on the blockchain longer than any other blockchain analytics firm. Chainalysis has identified 6,500+ unique services that together control hundreds of millions of cryptocurrency addresses and accounts for over $6 trillion of value transferred. As the first movers in this space, our data is trusted globally by law enforcement, regulators, exchanges, and financial institutions.

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