Solution introduction

Benchmark your practice

Raise the BAR™ for your clients

How does your business compare to other elite advisors across the country?
What are you doing today to become even more client focused and to improve the business value of your practice?

Whether you’re already a top producer, or aspire to build a larger practice, every successful advisor is always seeking new, innovative ways to improve.

With the BAR™, you have a unique opportunity to benchmark your practice against the best in the business and uncover financial advisor practice management tactics you can implement to achieve your goals.

What is the BAR™?
The BAR™ (Benchmark Assessment Report) allows you to benchmark your financial advisor practice management against the best in the business. Developed exclusively for financial advisors with input from hundreds of elite advisors across the country, the BAR™ shows you how you are managing your business relative to other advisors, in the following key areas:

  • Organizing priorities
  • Client engagement
  • Client acquisition strategy
  • Marketing approach
  • Team development
  • Professional advocate network
  • Business and operations management

These seven areas have been collectively named The ClientWise Proofessional Advisory Model™. After years of extensive research and working with top performers across the country, we discovered that these are the components critical to achieving a successful financial advisory practice. By consistently focusing on these core practice management business functions, advisors tend to achieve better results.

By benchmarking your ability to execute these components versus the best in the business, you can uncover specific areas to focus on, in order to improve your financial advisor practice management skillset. Whether it’s simply shifting priorities or establishing an entirely new acquisition strategy, there are always ways to increase your current level of productivity.

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