Solution introduction

Digital Inheritance & Asset Protection Secure Vault

A better way of retaining customers and building a whole new customer segment

DGLegacy is a service through which, in the case of an unforeseen event happening to individual user, people whom the user nominates as beneficiaries will be informed about user’s assets and will be able to identify and locate them, thus minimizing the chance of an unclaimed asset.

It enables users to securely catalog and organize their assets, designate beneficiaries to each asset and decide if they are informed immediately, or only in the case of an unforeseen event. 
DGLegacy can easily help asset management companies, wealth management companies, asset planners, digital wealth managers, estate planners, to track changes and easily prepare the amendment documents for their trusted customers.

With DGLegacy, they can strengthen their user relationship through enabling the users to easily keep their asset catalogs up-to-date and receive relevant notifications, for example in the case of asset change.

The custom-engineered Heartbeat protocol detecting unforeseen events happening to the users is unique for the service, powering its digital inheritance capability. Upon detection of such an event, the information about the assets is provided to the beneficiaries and trustees to whom the assets have been assigned.

The service is operated in fully encrypted with bank-level security cryptography.

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